Empowering the Next Generation of Musicians

through Collaborative Residencies

Orchestra Residencies Programs (ORP)

Transformative Music Education

Welcome to Orchestra Residencies Program (ORP), a one-of-a-kind music education initiative led by world-renowned violinist Midori. Discover a transformative journey for young musicians and youth orchestras, where collaboration, artistic growth, and community connections thrive.

Midori Teaching Child

Why choose ORP?

ORP is a transformative opportunity for young musicians enrolled in American youth orchestra programs.

Collaborate with Midori to create a tailor-made residency specific to your students and community.

Experience artistic growth, forge connections and make music with Midori in an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How to apply?

Join hands with the world-renowned violinist Midori and youth orchestras nationwide. Ready to elevate your musical journey? Click below to apply and for your youth orchestra to be part of something extraordinary.

I could tell that the students remained transformed by the experience of performing and learning from Midori.  For young performers to have moments onstage where music is truly being made, where minds are reacting in real-time to the sound swirling around them, where silences feel like magic hanging in the air – there is nothing more inspiring and motivating.

Geoffrey Robson, Music Director, Arkansas Symphony Youth Ensembles
Midori Profile

Who is Midori?

Acclaimed Violinist and Visionary

Midori is more than a virtuoso violinist – she’s a visionary artist who has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between music and humanity. With over 35 years of captivating performances and a commitment to education and community engagement, Midori’s influence extends far beyond the concert hall, inspiring countless young musicians and music lovers worldwide.