Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this residency intended for?

This residency is intended for youth orchestras who show the need for an opportunity such as this. The chosen youth orchestras must show they are ready to use this opportunity for their students’ growth and benefit, interested in engaging with the needs of their local community, and currently serve a diverse student population.

This residency is based on the needs of the youth orchestra, not on the merits.

After being selected for an ORP residency, the dates of the residency must be mutually agreed upon between Midori and the youth orchestra. If no dates can be mutually selected, the residency may be postponed to a future season.

The fee is used to cover expenses such as lodging and airfare. The financial portion may be waived by showing documented need for assistance, so don’t allow the finances to hold you back from applying!

No, there is no application fee.

ORP is a need-based program, not a merit-based one. The jury looks for youth orchestras that may not have as many resources available to them but plan to use the residency to make a big impact in the community. Additionally, the jury looks for how the youth orchestra program is committed to values diversity and inclusivity by providing support for their students, by reaching students who may not otherwise have experience, and by advocating for inclusivity in areas of gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds. Creativity and imagination also count!

The jury is typically comprised of three (3) independent members with no official affiliation to ORP. The jurors most often have a background in youth orchestra administrative service and/or music education.

Please submit as much financial information as is available along with a note of which year the orchestra began.

All students are required to attend every rehearsal leading up to the performance. We believe the learning process is exponential when we are all able to commit to attending all rehearsals.

Youth orchestras who have had an ORP residency are allowed to re-apply after five (5) years. Youth orchestras who participated in the 2020-2021 Covid-19 Support Program may re-apply after two (2) years (for the 2024-2025 season).

No, we are not a non-profit organization. We can accept personal donations towards ORP expenses. Please contact for further details.

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