Residency components

ORP residencies are packed with a variety of components.  We aim to provide a multi-faceted, in-depth, and cohesive program for the students in the youth orchestra program. 

While the students are in school, Midori and Clara visit schools and meet with local officials and educational leaders. We also spend some time with staff, parents, and volunteers to discuss how the program can reach new communities and support a diversity of students effectively.

On occasion, a few youth orchestra students have come along to learn more about their own community and to play an active role in these activities. 

Culminating in a public performance.

Learn and feel the music in workshops with high value.

Have fun playing our special ORP game or pizza party.

Advocate for the youth orchestra experience in your own community.


Culminating in a public performance


  • How to practice
  • Advocacy: Midori’s role as U.N. Messenger of Peace
  • Masterclasses or coachings
  • How to support students (Parents
    and Educators)

Social life

Play our special ORP game or hang out over pizza or snacks!


Hear about Midori’s passion for community work as a U.N. Messenger of Peace. Discuss together how to support and inspire change in your own community.

“We knew this was going to be the highlight of our season when we first found out that we had been selected for one of the Orchestra Residencies.  We knew that we had an incredible project to bring to Alexandria and Arlington with a legendary figure of the music world.  We knew that we would likely come away from the Residency week with many new friends, supporters, and colleagues.  What we didn’t know was that in each case, our expectations were blown away and far exceeded.  The Residency has given us lots to think about and so much left to achieve.”

Adrien Finlay, Executive Director of the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra