Our Story

Discover the origins and significance of ORP and witness the transformative impact it has on young musicians, shaping them into the leaders and advocates of tomorrow’s musical landscape.

How did it all begin?

ORP was born out of Midori’s belief in the transformative power of music and a desire to create a platform where young musicians could experience it’s profound impact firsthand.

What’s the significance?

ORP is not just a music program; it’s a catalyst for personal and artistic growth. It empowers young musicians to explore the depths of their talent, develop leadership skills, and forge lifelong connections. Beyond the individual, ORP also advocates for the broader importance of music education, ensuring its vitality in today’s society.

What impact does it have?

ORP has left an indelible mark on countless young musicians. It has inspired them to reach new heights in their musical journeys, instilled a sense of purpose and community, and equipped them with the tools to advocate for the arts in an ever-evolving world. ORP alumni carry the program’s legacy forward, becoming ambassadors of music’s enduring power.

“I can remember clearly my daughter’s online masterclass with Midori through the ORP program and her junior Orchestra of the Southern Tier. Isabel Jing has grown up rurally outside a one stoplight town in Western New York. For her to interact with Midori, first as part of a contemporary orchestral piece and then with her solo work was simply awesome.

It was the height of COVID, so lights and mics and laptop were clustered around her as Midori came on the screen and listened to her play her solo. Midori was kind and clear and concise, a thrill for a youngster to be taken seriously. To have opportunities like this are a bit of a miracle of our times and technology, but Midori’s generosity was equally a miracle. Having that connection and real experience with an artist of Midori’s stature continues several years later to be an inspiration and encouragement for Isabel Jing as she continues her pursuit of music and the violin.

Last year, with COVID behind us, we were able to see Midori live with the Boston Orchestra playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. At some point during the performance, we looked over at our daughter and saw tears of pure joy running down her face. Yet another gift from Midori!”

Matthew Metz, Parent

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